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SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Bethany McCord

SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Bethany McCord

UNIVERSITY CENTER, MI – This month's Women's Basketball "Get to Know" spotlight is redshirt-freshman guard, Bethany McCord. Bethany hails from Warren, Michigan and unfortunately missed the 2013-2014 season due to injury. The Cardinals expect for her to contribute at the guard position next year and are extremely excited about the progress she's made thus far.

Below are a few comments from Head Coach, Jamie Pewinski, about Bethany McCord:

"Bethany is unbelievable athlete that will add a totally different dimension to our team next season. Due to an injury, she was forced to sit out last year. However, she has a tremendous work ethic and a true desire to become a better player which was shown throughout the course of the season.

She was great during post-season workouts and we are excited about what lies ahead for her. Bethany is only beginning to scratch the surface and it's great to see her hard work paying off. I have no doubt with her attitude she will help us tremendously in years to come. We are so glad she's healthy and here with us."

NAME: Bethany McCord 

HOMETOWN / HIGH SCHOOL: Warren, Mich. / Warren Cousino HS


HEIGHT: 5-10

JERSEY #: 10

Below are some of Bethany's thoughts about SVSU, her Cardinal teammates & a glimpse into what matters most outside of basketball:

What is the best part of campus? 

The best part of campus is the outdoor sitting area on the second floor of the library…from sunrise to sundown, I feel stress free whenever I'm there! 

What is your favorite movie? 

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil" because I love Richard Pryor! 

What is your favorite music group right now? 

My favorite group is Jesus Culture…I especially love Kim Walker. 

Favorite food? 

My favorite food will always be sauerkraut perogies. My Aunt makes the best ones…homemade perogies…nothing better!! 

Who is the best dancer on the team? 

I'd like to award Sam (Zirzow) as the best dancer…her dance moves always make you feel like you need to get up and start dancing too! 

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? 

My mom is my greatest inspiration!! She's an amazing, hardworking woman with a beautiful heart who continuously gives and puts others before herself…she's so humble and keeps her faith high no matter what!!  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I spend quite some time painting my nails. 

What is your career ambition? 

I'm still searching for what I truly want to go into…I know I have some time to decide so I'm not too worried. 

Why did you come to SVSU? 

I fell in love with the campus! Also, my coaches have a great sense of humor so I knew that SVSU would be a great fit for me.

Stay tuned to so you can "Get to Know" the next member of the Women's Basketball team in July.

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