SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Briana Graham

SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Briana Graham

UNIVERSITY CENTER, MI – This month's Women's Basketball "Get to Know" spotlight is junior forward, Briana Graham. Briana is off to a solid 2013-14 campaign, starting in both of SVSU's games this season. She is averaging 21.5 minutes per game, is second on the team at 8.0 rebounds per game and sixth in scoring (5.0 ppg).

Below are a few comments from Head Coach, Jamie Pewinski, about Briana:

"We are going to rely heavily on Bri this season and I think thus far she has responded positively. Her attitude and effort have been noticeably different in practice and there is no question that has carried over to games. As Graham continues to work hard, her production is only going to get better. I think if you were to ask her, she hasn't played her best yet and that is a great thing for our program. We are going to need efficient minutes from her all year long."

"Since her arrival at SVSU last season, Bri has been a great influence on our younger players. She is a solid student who works hard in the classroom and is a great representative of our program in the community. We are excited about what lies ahead for her." 

NAME: Briana Graham

HOMETOWN / HIGH SCHOOL: Detroit, Michigan / Martin Luther King Jr. High School


HEIGHT: 6'0"

JERSEY #: 32

Below are some of Briana's thoughts about SVSU, her Cardinal teammates & a glimpse into what matters most outside of basketball:

I absolutely love attending SVSU. The campus is beautiful and the people here are great.  I have the best teammates; it is truly a joy being around them. We have tons of fun and we work hard. Outside of basketball, what matters most is being a student. It is important to me to earn good grades and excel in the classroom! 

Why did you come to SVSU? 

I came to SVSU to because it is a great environment. It is diverse and the people here are friendly. Most importantly, I came to SVSU to play basketball. 

What is the best part of campus? 

The best part of campus in my opinion is Student Life. I like Student Life because it is a fun place to hang out and also where I met majority of my friends when I transferred from Iona College. 

What is a random fact that most people might not know about you? 

Most people do not know that I am a good bowler. 

What is your favorite movie? 

My favorite movie is Friday…Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are great! 

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? 

My family inspires me because they have always said I am going to do great things. Their belief in me pushes me to do my best. 

What is your favorite music group right now? 

I do not have a favorite music group at the moment…I like a little bit of everything. 

Favorite food? 

My favorite food is macaroni and cheese…it's so good! 

Who is the best singer on the team? 

I think it would be unfair to answer this question because we all sound equally horrible!!! 

What is your career ambition? 

My career ambition is to one day be the head of a large business firm.

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