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Saginaw Valley State University Strength and Conditioning


SVSU Strength and Conditioning is founded on the traditional principles of Athletic Development as it relates to progressive overload, developmental programming strategies and an environment that relies upon the application of muscular, neurological and hormonal stress, resulting in desired adaptation. We are a team-based department in that it is our belief that our secondary role is to cultivate championship-level cultures through the administration of our strength and conditioning programs. Every athlete that interacts with our staff will understand that we are process-driven in all that we emphasize!

SVSU Strength and Conditioning Goals: 

1.     Development of Movement Efficiency

2.     Improve Athletic Performance as it relates to Sport

3.     Improve resilience to injury

4.     Cultivate a team-based approach to mental toughness


SVSU Strength and Conditioning Staff

Chris Winter - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


Zach Mendoza - Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Whitney Fleming - Graduate Assistant Coach for Strength & Conditioning

Bo Babich - Graduate Assistant Coach for Strength & Conditioning


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