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SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Kristen Greene

SVSU Women's Basketball 'Get to Know': Kristen Greene

UNIVERSITY CENTER, MI – This month's Women's Basketball "Get to Know" spotlight is senior guard, Kristen Greene. A captain during the 2012-13 season, Kristen is a strong reason for the recent success of the program and will be relied on heavily again this upcoming season.

Below are a few comments from Head Coach, Jamie Pewinski, about Kristen:

"KG is a special player and an unbelievable person. She excels in the classroom, on the court and is a strong influence to her teammates. Her commitment to both basketball and the nursing program at SVSU is proven on a daily basis. KG is consistently one of our hardest workers and we are excited for what lies ahead for her.

There's no question she wants to have a great year and we, as coaches, want that for her as well. KG is a total team player and that's why so many of her teammates look to her in many situations…she has a 'Team-First' mentality. She's gained respect through her work ethic and is an awesome representative of our SVSU WBB program."

NAME: Kristen Greene 

HOMETOWN / HIGH SCHOOL: Brown City, MI / Brown City



JERSEY #: 20

MAJOR: Nursing

Below are some of Kristen's thoughts about SVSU, her Cardinal teammates & a glimpse into what matters most outside of basketball:

What does it mean to be a senior? 

Being a senior puts extra meaning into everything that I do. It's a different feeling going into the season knowing this will be the last time I'll be able to do all of this. It's hard realizing that this is the last time I'll be able to play with my teammates, so I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy every second of it. I'm trying to make sure I prepare myself and work every day at getting better, so when it is all said and done, I don't regret a thing. 

What are you looking forward to most this year? 

I'm not really looking forward to one specific thing. It's all of the little things like road trips, late night bus rides, the long practices, spending countless hours with my teammates, the feeling of walking off the court knowing we won, and the satisfaction of knowing you prepared yourself enough that make the year fun and worthwhile. I am excited to get games started and see all of the hard work we've been putting in pay off!! 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

What's free time? This isn't something I have a lot of, but when I do I just like to relax and hangout with my friends and teammates…whether that is watching movies, having a game night, going to other sporting events, or going out to eat. 

What is the best part of campus? 

The best part of campus would probably have to be the cafeteria. Even though we go there on a daily basis, I still look forward to going every day after practice with my teammates. 

What is your favorite movie? 

Hands down…The Notebook, Love and Basketball is a close second though. 

Best singer on the team? How about the best dancer? 

Katelyn (Carriere)…I get the joy of living with her and being able to hear her belt out songs on American Idol Wii. The best dancer would have to be a tie between Emily and Danielle. They both have really improved their "awkward" dancing skills this year. 

Favorite food? 

I love Mexican food! 

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? 

My greatest inspiration is my dad. He amazes me on a daily basis with his unfailing work ethic and drive to fulfill his goals. He's made it very evident that he would do anything for his family and I will always be grateful for the sacrifices he makes for me.  

What is your career ambition? 

After I graduate I hope to get a nursing job hopefully within the Tri-cities. From there, I plan on in a few years going back to school and getting my master's degree.

Why did you come to SVSU? 

I chose SVSU for multiple reasons…one being that, at that time, SVSU's women's basketball team wasn't respected throughout the league and I wanted to be a part of changing the culture of the program as a whole. I also chose SVSU because we are known as having a great nursing program. They offered me what is called a freshman admit into the program, and no other school could offer me that. Finally, I chose SVSU because it felt like home. As soon as I stepped on campus I knew it was a good fit for me.

Stay tuned to so you can "Get to Know" the next member of the Women's Basketball team in November.

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