2011 Tailgating Policy

Tailgating is a collegiate tradition at football games.  The University encourages the opportunity for parents, students and guests to socialize in that setting and understands that alcohol is often a part of such an event.

The responsible use of alcohol is important.  It is also important to respect the rights of others to enjoy the day's festivities.

Accordingly, the following guidelines will apply to the use of alcohol at any tailgating event.  Please be advised that University Police are prepared to enforce applicable laws and University policies.  Students should be aware that any violation of University policy will subject them to disciplinary action via the Code of Student Conduct.
  1. Tailgating is permitted to begin on University property three hours prior to kickoff.  All tailgating will end fifteen minutes prior to kickoff.

  2. The use of alcohol is restricted to those individuals who are 21 years of age or older.  University Police will enforce State law and issue citations for Minors in Possession.  Individuals who furnish alcohol to minors will also be subject to this enforcement.

  3. No games of entertainment which use alcohol or implements which encourage the excessive consumption of alcohol, for example, beer pong and beer bongs will be permitted.  As a reminder, kegs or any common source of alcoholic beverage are not permitted.

  4. All alcoholic beverages must be in a can or plastic container.  No glass containers are permitted in tailgating areas.

  5. No use of alcohol will be permitted while the football game is in progress.

  6. Any use of music via loudspeakers will not be permitted while the football game is in progress

  7. Individuals or groups are expected to pick up and dispose of any tailgating litter.

  8. Parking Lot C will be reserved for Student Tailgating.  No student tailgating activities will be permitted outside of this area.  Individuals who are not going to attend the game are to leave the parking lot. 

Failure to comply with the above may result in referrals to the Student Conduct Program.

Please assist the University in providing a safe and enjoyable venue for tailgating.