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Meemic Insurance Student-Athlete Spotlight: Mare Almhiemid

Meemic Insurance Student-Athlete Spotlight:  Mare Almhiemid

UNIVERSITY CENTER, Mich. - The Saginaw Valley State University Athletic Department continues its monthly installment of the Meemic Insurance 'Student-Athlete Spotlight' feature, which focuses on different Cardinal student-athletes, highlighting their accomplishments while getting to know what it means for them to be a part of the SVSU Cardinal family.

January's installment for the academic year highlights Mare Almhiemid, who is a junior diver for the SVSU women's swimming & diving program. Almhiemid hails from Chelsea, Michigan, and is in her first season competing for the Lady Cardinals in the pool.

An Early Childhood Education major who transferred from Eastern Michigan University where she was a music major, she hasn't had much to do with music since her departure from Eastern. That is, until she attempted to test out of a pair of music classes required as part of her curriculum here at Saginaw Valley State University.

Mare produced such a quality product that the music department recommended she copyright the work and asked if they could play it in one of their concerts. While going through the copyright process, Mare received several letters and even had her work purchased by a couple of big-name orchestras.    

Diving Coach Mike Matter weighed in on his sophomore diver and how she has fit with the program and the work she has done out of the pool and off the diving board...

"Mare is a quiet, reserved and very polite individual that has a lot to offer. You just have to figure out how to bring it out of her. As a diver, her love for the sport and her desire to succeed can not be questioned. She is thrilled to be a part of this team and program. When Mare first came to us as a transfer student, I knew she had a big music background from EMU but had no idea how much true musical TALENT she really has. I was truly blown away and speechless when she played the music for me that she had composed. This young lady has more talent than I could ever dream of having."

We recently caught up with Mare and she talked about the transition to school and athletics here for the Cardinals...

What about Saginaw Valley State University intrigued you and made you decide to study here?

I really enjoyed the smaller setting and class size, giving a much better ratio for one-on one communication between the students and professors. The beauty of the campus doesn't hurt either, as this place is very nice. 

What are some of the best aspects of being a student-athlete here at SVSU?

Being a student-athlete here at SVSU gives me a great boost of confidence and makes me strive for something more. It really is impressive how much dedication is needed to compete at the collegiate level, whatever the sport may be. I have learned that nothing comes easy and you must work for what you wish!

What is the favorite part of school here now that you have been acclimated to the school for a semester now?

What I really like to see about the academic side here at Saginaw Valley State University is the dedication and professionalism of the professors and staff members. It's refreshing to see the passion of the professors and administrators that I interact with on a daily basis. It's something I was definitely not used to and is absolutely fantastic!

What does it mean to you right now to be part of the Cardinal Athletic Family?

Well, even being just a semester in I have already felt more at home than I have at any other institution. The family atmosphere spreads campus-wide, and it's really felt heavily when it comes to our athletic programs and staff members. I thoroughly enjoy competing for SVSU!