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Meemic Insurance Student-Athlete Spotlight: Alex Green

Meemic Insurance Student-Athlete Spotlight:  Alex Green

UNIVERSITY CENTER, Mich. - The Saginaw Valley State University Athletic Department continues its monthly installment of the Meemic Insurance 'Student-Athlete Spotlight' feature, which focuses on different Cardinal student-athletes, highlighting their academic and athletic accomplishments while getting to know what it means for them to be a part of the SVSU Cardinal family.

December's installment for the academic year highlights Alex Green, who is a senior guard on the SVSU women's basketball team. Green hails from East Lansing, Michigan, and just recently began her fourth and final season suiting up for the Lady Cardinals.

Alex has started all seven of SVSU's opening games for the 2015-16 campaign. She is averaging a career-high 7.7 points-per-game and is shooting at a 50.0% clip from the floor for the Cards. Green was a catalyst for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 teams as well, when SV posted back-to-back appearances in the GLIAC Tournament, a feat that had not been accomplished since the 1997-98 and 1998-99 seasons. The 2013-14 team set a new school record as well for three-point field goal percentage at 39.1% and free throw percentage at 77.1%.  

Green, who carries a perfect 4.0 GPA as a Communication major, keeps busy with her extra-curricular activities as well. She serves as the President of SVSU's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and is involved in the Athletes in Action group. Alex is also a member of the University's Gender Equity Committee and a member of the Student Association Presidential Cabinet. 

Green spearheaded an SVSU Community Dream Day put on by SAAC on September 25, where 78 student-athletes from eight of the teams went out in the surrounding community and lended a helping hand to those in need. The locations included: elementary schools, shelters, soup kitchens, churches and museums.

Women's basketball head coach Jamie Pewinski weighed in on her senior guard and how she has fit with the program and the work she has done off the court...

"Alex has been a great representative of our program, both on and off the court.  She is an excellent student and is very goal and career oriented. The underclassmen definitely look to her to help them understand what is expected of an athlete academically in the women's basketball program and Alex is able to be a leader for us in this regard. She also is the President of Student Athlete Advisory Committee, so she is leading other athletes and pushing them to become more involved on campus and in the community. All of her hard work over the past four years is paying off, as she is having her best season on the court, and she is still performing well in the classroom and she is more involved in campus events than ever before! We look forward to seeing all of the goals that Alex has set for herself get accomplished and expect big things from her in the future!"

We spoke with Alex recently and he shed some light on his experience here so far as a student-athlete at Saginaw Valley State University...

What about Saginaw Valley State University intrigued you and made you decide to study here?

There was a lot about Saginaw Valley that intrigued me when I first visited the school. For one, the campus is beautiful! Everything from the four-story library, to the phenomenal dorm rooms, to the state-of-the-art athletic facilities. There’s not a better campus in the GLIAC. I also love the atmosphere, the classroom sizes, and the opportunities to become involved in student organizations, leadership roles, and campus-wide activities. Of course, the reason I decided to ultimately come here was to be a part of the basketball team here. Coach believed in me and I believed in becoming a part of something bigger than myself. 

What are some of the best aspects of being a student-athlete here at SVSU?

As I mentioned already, the facilities here are second to none at this level. Each year new renovations are being completed to add more to our gyms, fields, arenas, locker rooms, etc. Also, we have a great administration at Saginaw Valley. Mr. Watson is the kind of Athletic Director that every athlete loves. Our entire administration staff has the athletes' best interests at heart. They care about our experience here and it truly shows. Another great aspect of being an athlete here are the game day experiences and travel. The GLIAC is a fun and exciting conference to play in. The competition is always great and traveling to different schools and seeing their gyms and campuses is fun too!

How has being a student-athlete at the collegiate level prepared you for your career after Saginaw Valley State University?

Being an NCAA athlete has been a huge part of my growth as an individual and will undoubtedly prepare me for my career after SVSU, especially in terms of my professional interests. My ultimate career goal is to become a collegiate Athletic Director. As an athlete here at SVSU, I have been through a variety of learning experiences that have prepared me to handle success, failure, adversity, communication breakdown, conflict, team related efforts, etc. At Saginaw Valley, I’m not only accountable for performing well on the court, but there is a high emphasis for academic achievement here and that has prepared me greatly as well. Most importantly, being a student-athlete here has given me opportunities to create genuine relationships with coaches, players, and administration and has given me opportunities to be a part of leadership roles such as being the President of our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and a member of the Gender Equity Committee. All of these roles, opportunities and experiences have developed me as an athlete and a person and they will be a huge part of what I carry over into my career after SVSU. 

What does it mean to be a member of the Cardinal Athletic Family?

Like we always say, it’s a great day to be a Cardinal! It really always is. Every athlete here has an equal opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We have the opportunity to be a part of a family that cares about each other and wants to see each other succeed. Being a part of the Cardinal Athletic Family means being a part of something more than just athletics. It means being a part of a program that cares about an individual’s growth, a program that cares about giving back to those less fortunate, and a program that strives for excellence every day.

Could you provide me with a statement on your overall experience being a student-athlete here at Saginaw Valley State University?

My overall experience as a Cardinal has been great! I cannot thank God enough for giving me the opportunity to grow as an athlete, leader, and person at SVSU. Everything in life comes down to the opportunities that you take advantage of and SVSU has provided me with so many. I can truthfully say that I will graduate in May knowing that my experience as a student-athlete here has been one that will prepare me for all that I want to accomplish throughout my life.