SVSU Degree Completion Recipients Archive

The number one goal of the Department of Athletics is graduation.  The creation of a degree completion scholarship program aims to assist student-athletes in achieving this goal. The Cardinal Cabaret Auction will serve as the source for funding this program, which aims to provide some level of scholarship to student-athletes in their pursuit of a degree.  Support for the Cardinal Cabaret Auction comes in many forms:  local and regional businesses through sponsorship, advertising and donations; attendance by SVSU faculty, staff, and Cardinal Athletic Club members; attendance by parents of past, present and future student-athletes and members of the local community.
Student-athletes may qualify for this award if they are within one calendar year of graduation, have earned a cumulative GPA of a 2.2 and have demonstrated character and leadership in their career as a Cardinal Athlete.  In totality, over $40,000 in degree completion aid was awarded to 11 student-athletes who received scholarship assistance for 2016-17. The average GPA of the recipients was 3.46.

* - Proceeds from the 11th-annual Cardinal Cabaret Auction, taking place on April 8, 2017, will provide degree completion scholarships for student-athletes who have exhausted their athletic eligibility but have classes remaining. 

Past Degree Completion Recipients